The Astonishing Machine

The uniqueness of Land Rovers were endless, even in the initial years of manufacturing. One of the key features which attracted the attention of many in owning and using Land Rover is it's off road performance apart from the on road performance. Multipurpose utilities including military and civilian use of Land Rover made it the pick of all the cars by British military authorities. The ability of the wheel base to tackle 45 degree gradient by the Land Rover defender model made off road journeys comfortable. Apart from all these, when the Land Rover defender model vehicles were able to cover 50 degree approach angle and a departure angle of 53 degrees, the journey made through uneven surfaces made no difference to the travelers.

It has to be repeatedly mentioned about the exquisite axle articulation functionality of all Land Rover models. This was a stupendous feature which made Land Rovers appear more distinguished from other models, making them popular, but also making the automobile insurance quotes a little more unappealing. Axle articulation is nothing but the degree to which the vehicle has vertical motion without making contact or traction with the ground. That simply means that wheel bases are high enough and virtually it can negotiate a circle on vertical line. As a matter of fact, the kind of surfaces in which Land Rovers are cruising appeared immaterial, as Land Rovers appeared tailor made for any surfaces on earth. Even though more on road car-like Land Rover models have evolved and unveiled over the years, the manufacturers found it always interesting to continue the journey of production of the big and strong off road models. It is not surprising to analyze the statistics of people who still are on the lookout for any-surface Land Rover models.

The young generation would read it with astonishment that even in 1948, in the golden take off year of Land Rovers, all machines were incorporated with power take offs. The premier manufacturer, Mr. Maurice Wilks were pretty much vigilant and certain about the power take off functionality of Land Rovers. The farm machinery incorporated in the early versions served this purpose. The power take off option remained as the static entity in all Land Rover models as this was a something special about all models and all series of Land Rovers.

The capabilities of early Land Rovers were simply endless and so very special, especially when considering the availability of machinery and advent of technology, at that point of time. It has to be thought that in a period of late 1940s, it required a mind blowing effort to put things in place, in strife-torn world after Second World War. The wide varieties of body styles available, even for the initial model were something incredible. It widely ranges from a simple canvas like top, more of like a pick up vehicle to a 12 or 13 seat wagon, able to carry passengers.

Apart from all these, alterations and more adaptations were incorporated to Land Rover models, both by in house manufacturers and by third party vendors. Fire extinguishers and six wheeled versions are only a couple of altered models.